Kiosk will tell story of Cowee Mound

By Ryan Hanchett, The Franklin Press

The site of the Cowee Mound in present day would be easy to pass by. Unlike mounds at Nikwasi or Kituwah, there is no fanfare at the Cowee location. No signage, no development and nothing to tell the story of the mound’s significance to the history of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.

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The Nikwasi Initiative, a collaboration of the EBCI and neighboring communities, is a nonprofit dedicated to preserving the sense of place of the Nikwasi Mound and expanding the understanding of the mound and the surrounding region through improved access, interpretation and educational activities.  

Using engaged partnerships, it focuses on developing cultural interpretation resources for the nationally significant Cultural Corridor from Cherokee to Franklin and to the headwaters of the Little Tennessee River, and encouraging sustainable economic growth of the entire corridor area.

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